Why choosing this program?

The Degree program has a single curriculum designed for the following professional areas: pedagogical counseling for individuals, families, public and private organizations, project management and human resource management.

The Degree program adopts active teaching and learner-centered approaches based on group work and applied research on specific educational problems.

At the end of the program, students will be able to:

a) use theoretical models in the field of pedagogy, psychology and sociology;

b) adopt methodologies from different theoretical and empirical research paradigms;

c) design training courses applied to organizational transformation processes and human resource management;

d) manage counseling processes for individuals and organizations;

e) carry out micro-research to improve counseling for profit and non-profit organizations.


Students are required to complete an internship. At least 2 workshops/meetings with stakeholders of the labour market are organized each academic year. The course “Soft skills and Employability” has been activated to facilitate the acquisition of some key skills for employability, such as:

  • critical thinking: advanced knowledge in a field of work or study, which presupposes a critical understanding of theories and principles.
  • problem solving: advanced skills that demonstrate mastery in dealing with complex and unpredictable problems in a specialized field of work or study.
  • decision making: the ability to manage professional activities taking responsibility for decisions in unpredictable work- or study-related contexts.
  • Taking responsibility for managing the professional development of individuals and groups.